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released February 8, 2015




inki Taiwan

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Track Name: If You Paid Attention To Me I'd At Least Be Getting Paid :: Full Album
TRACK 1: Getting Pissed Off On An Already Shitty Day
Use your turn sig! You got breaks!
Fuckity fuck fuck that fucking shit!
Please get outta my fucking face!
Sorry, I'm just pissed as shit!
Piss off!

TRACK 2: It Could Be My Birthday I'm That Fucking Pumped
Well today I'm gonna treat myself,
I'mma fuckin treat me right
Gonna hit the store and buy me some fancy-ass chocolate
(hella fucking yeah get me some earl grey or anise up in that bar)

TRACK 3: A Half Assed Love Song or Toxic Masculinity Is Stupid And So Am I
Hey, I kind of like you
But please keep it a secret
Or my friends will make fun of me
This idea of masculinity
is total-fuckingly some major bullshit.
(dudebro culture is some strange ass shit)

TRACK 4: Bromance, or Platonic Affection Between Two Straight Hetrosexual Not-Gay Dudes
Bro, I really like you
But in a Str8 man way, no I'm not gay I swear I crave that pussy (Vagina sounded more out of place. So I used it. Drunk bros trying to express affection without sounding too gay is hilarious)

TRACK 5: How To Blend In With The Dudes At Any Party This Side Of The 'Verse
Man this party fuckin' blows, where are all the hot girls yo?
Nah, ugly, taken, looks like a dude.
I'm not gay
(I have run into this argument so many time and it never starts making sense.

TRACK 6: Both? Both. Or, Taking Care Of Yourself Is Pretty Hella Punk In This Society
I'm to tired to fuck shit up and change the world,
So I'll nap and do it in my dreams
(Sleep is underrated.)

TRACK 7: The Most Strange And Terrifying Creature, or The Fuck Is This Life Shit?
Sometimes people suck,
but sometimes people care
and sometime, most sometimes, I am a People
(keep on people-ing, peoples. People.)

TRACK 8: There Is No Title, But I Guess That's Probably Going To Be The Title (Originally: )
"Are you a boy or a girl?" They turned around and said "yes"
I fee you 'cause man, we were taught a whole lotta bullshit
(There are more possible combinations than XX and XY and XX males or XY females are also a thing???? that was not mentioned I don't recall??)

TRACK 9: Jesus Fuck It's Like 8 In The Frickle-Fracking Morning
Sometimes you wake up
Sunlight streaming across your face
As you sigh and whisper softly,
(*Looks around guiltily*)

Track 10: This Is The End, or A Clock That Goes To Eleven Is A Shitty Clock, But Sometimes That's What You Get
You only live once
and that's why this song's so short-
I don't want to waster you time YOLO (nolo)